She swallows her AirPod, listens to her stomach, and it ends well

Another news item which reminds us that it is not advisable to fall asleep with your Airpods, because you never know where they might end up.

An AirPod accidentally swallowed? It doesn't even surprise us anymore since this is not the first time that Apple's earphone has arrived in the stomach of a user, whether a child or even an adult. This time it's an American woman named Moe Kennedy who last June accidentally swallowed her AirPod while she was sleeping.

The AirPod survives 9 hours in an acidic environment

After failing to recover it by superior natural means (we're not drawing a picture for you) she makes the wise decision to go to the emergency room. Indeed, the batteries of electronic devices can do a lot of damage inside the human body. Fortunately the earpiece is solid, and after a successful endoscopy, both patients are doing well: the woman, and her AirPod which survived 9 hours in an acidic environment.

AirPod Pro, to listen to her stomach...!!! !

Note that in the meantime Kennedy and her mother managed to connect to the accessory and had great fun listening to the mysterious noises from inside a stomach. “In the end, I 100% recommend the AirPods Pro, but 1000% don't swallow them,” the woman said in an email to Apple Insider.