The majority of iPhone 15 screens produced by Samsung

Despite many attempts by Chinese competition, Samsung Display maintains its near-monopoly on the production of iPhone screens.

Last March we reported on the difficulties of the Chinese manufacturer BOE in producing screens for the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

iPhone 15 screens: BOE deficient, Samsung Display called to the rescue

The problem in question concerns the waterproofing linked to the perforation necessary for the selfie camera, which is not efficient enough and is likely to see mold flourish nearby. Laser cutting and sealing of these spaces requires precision equipment on which Samsung Display has taken a lead, since the Korean manufacturer produced Oled screens with perforations for its own smartphones.

iPhone 15 Pro screens, LG Display in the loop

The problems were not resolved in time and Apple had to cancel its orders with BOE to transfer them to Samsung, retaining the Korean as the essential supplier of screens for the four iPhone 15s. LG Display supplied a small part of the screens of the iPhone 15 Pro, and is waiting for the green light from Apple to launch on the larger screens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Source: ET News