Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes and Nanoleaf 4D​

Nanoleaf took advantage of the IFA show in Berlin 2023 for a final presentation of its new products, including a direct competitor to the Ambilight process from Philips.

On the occasion of IFA 2023, Nanoleaf announces the launch of two new products to enrich its range of connected lighting fixtures, starting with a new hexagonal shape for its Ultra Black Shapes modular line.

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes hexagonal

The dark counterpart to the white Shapes collection, the Ultra Black Shapes was launched in 2022 with a triangular shape. It now accommodates the new hexagonal shape which can connect to other Nanoleaf models to create the wall patterns you desire. This collection includes the same features as Shapes, including the already mentioned modularity, the music visualizer and the tactile reaction.

Nanoleaf 4D, Ambilight for everyone


Ultra Black Shapes is accompanied by another new feature, the Nanoleaf 4D kit already presented in our pages and which mimics Philips' Ambilight function, namely extending the colors of the content of a TV screen beyond its edges. But that's not all, because the colors captured on the screen can also be reproduced by all the other Nanoleaf lighting in the room (Shapes, Ultra Black Shapes, Lines, Canvas, Light Panels and Essentials), like a Philips TV configuration + Hue bulbs.

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes Hexagons Starter Kit 9 pieces available at the indicative price of €199.99, 3-piece expansion kits priced at €59.99. Screen Mirror Camera for Nanoleaf 4D available at a suggested price of €79.99 (requires Nanoleaf RGB lighting for screen mirroring). Light strip for 65'' (165 cm) screen at €99.99, and 85'' (215 cm) at €129.99, indicative prices.