Optional Thunderbolt cable for iPhone 15 Pro?

With the move to USB-C for the iPhone 15, Apple could launch an optional cable allowing even greater charging and transfer speeds.

As expected, the iPhone 15s abandon the proprietary Lightning format to switch to USB-C, but to take advantage of the full capabilities of the new standard, in particular for the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max models compatible with USB-C 3.0 (on the contrary iPhone 15/15 Plus whose port is limited to USB-C 2.0), you may have to pay a little more.

Apple Thunderbolt USB 4 Gen 2 cable approaching?

Indeed, according to “leaker” KosutamiSan on Twitter/X, Apple should put on sale an 80 cm Thunderbolt USB 4 Gen 2 cable with a power of 150 watts. It would make it possible to achieve faster loading and transfer speeds than with the basic cable supplied limited to USB-C 2.0 (i.e. 480 Mbits/s), as rumors already predicted at the end of the last year.

Note that, cable or not USB 4 cable from Apple, there are numerous USB 3.2 Gen 2 specimens on the market, rather affordable, for those who would like to benefit from the capabilities of the USB-C ports of their future iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max.