New Smart TV platform LG Channels 3.0

LG Electronics launches the latest version of its free streaming service, LG Channels 3.0, for Smart TVs.

LG Channels 3.0 is the latest version of LG's streaming platform for its connected TVs. It notably includes an improved interface for simplified navigation, in order to more easily discover content that suits you. The interface is now divided into three pages -Home, Live, and On Demand- to take full advantage of the content offered by LG.

The word to LG

"LG Channels has consistently ranked among the top five most viewed apps on LG Smart TVs across all regions where the service is offered, attracting a growing number of viewers with its premium lineup of news, sports, movies , TV series and exclusives, says LG. With its carefully curated programming, LG Channels is now set to deliver enhanced usability that allows users to easily search, discover and enjoy their favorite content.”

LG Channels 3.0 is deployed in South Korea this September, then will arrive in October in other territories where LG is present.