PlayStation 5: finally Dolby Atmos (and other new features)

The latest PS5 firmware update brings notable changes, particularly to data storage and 3D audio rendering.

Sony has officially rolled out the latest firmware update for the PlayStation 5, which was in beta testing a little over a month ago.

PS5 now Dolby Atmos compatible

Besides several interface, accessibility and social media integration improvements, the most notable new option is compatibility -via Tempest 3D AudioTech sound technology- with Dolby Atmos devices, soundbars, televisions, Home cinema systems and others. Concretely, you can now enjoy on your sound system the 3D Dolby Atmos audio rendering offered by certain games, but also films and other content broadcast on streaming services (Netflix and Apple TV+ in particular, as long as they are also updated for this purpose).

PS5, SSD hard drive up to 8 TB

Also note, support for M.2 SSD hard drives allowing you to install an SSD drive with up to 8 TB capacity on the PS5, whereas the limit was 4 TB previously. Enough to store the entire game library of the vast majority of players.