LG LSAL006, Magnit Ultra HD 4K Micro LED TV 118'' (300 cm)

The Korean manufacturer LG is expanding its range of Micro LED TVs with, after the LG Magnit 163'' models in 2020, LG Magnit 136'' in 2022 and LG Magnit 163'' in early 2023, the LG Magnit 118'' (300 cm), also known as LG LSAL006, presented at the Cedia 2023 show in Denver and which closed its doors only a few hours ago.

Available only in the United States for the moment, the LG LSAL006 should be distributed in the rest of the world at the end of September, says LG. Priced at €237,000, the LG LSAL006 should sell for around 220,000 euros…

LG LSAL006, attacking the hyperluxury residential TV market

Equipped with the most powerful LG processor, the Alpha 9 Gen 6, the 118'' (300 cm) LG Magnit 4K Micro LED TV offers most of the features of the brand's televisions. On the menu therefore, a light peak of 2,000 nits, an Ultra HD 4K 120 Hz panel, a 4.2 audio system delivering a total power of 100 W, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Miracast compatibility, the WebOS 23 interface , four HDMI 2.1 inputs. Also note, Wisa Ready certification is required to enjoy TV sound, up to 5.1, on suitable speakers, that is to say wireless.

A word to Paik Ki-mun, senior vp and chief information officer LG Electronics Business Solutions Company

"The new LG Magnit brings our cutting-edge Micro LED display technology into private homes, allowing residential customers to experience impressive picture quality on a cinematic scale," said Paik Ki-mun, Vice President -Senior President and Chief Information Officer LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. We will continue to expand our Micro LED product range for home use, complementing the new 118'' model and the previously launched 136'' model, with innovative solutions that further strengthen our leadership in the high-end display market." .