If the iPod came back (without Apple), it would still be pretty darn good

We will certainly never see it again, but the legendary Apple iPod music player and its variations continue to excite the imagination of contemporary designers.

In 2001, the iPod music player was released, which both put Apple back on the scene and changed the music industry forever. Since then, the device has been available in various versions, finally gradually disappearing, eclipsed by the smartphone revolution. We believed in a return in 2021 for the twentieth anniversary of the device, a return which ultimately did not materialize.

It does, doesn't it?

However, the iPod has never ceased to excite the imagination, and today it is the designers Shreyansh Onial & Aditya Pandharpure who try to exercise the concept, taking up the lines of the version Shuffle while adopting the “transparent” codes of the manufacturer Nothing (created a few years ago by the co-founder of OnePlus). Source: Yankodesign