PS5 Pro, development kits in the hands of the biggest studios?

An important studio for Sony, Square Enix (Final Fantasy) is already working on games for the new PlayStation 5 Pro which should be released in 2024.

The PlayStation 5 Pro, or “the most powerful console in the world” as it is called in authorized circles, should be marketed next year if we are to believe the spate of rumors about it.

PS5 Pro in a pack with an exclusive Final Fantasy title?

And according to a latest leak revealed by “Im A Hero Too” on Reddit, the development kits are already in the hands of Sony's big partner studios, starting with Square Enix (the Final Fantasy saga, among others). Plausible, because the launch of a new console - even if it is "only" an improvement of an existing model - must be accompanied by dedicated titles, highlighting its power. Let us add that another rumor dating from the end of August predicted a PS5 Pro launch pack including nothing more and nothing less than the highly anticipated GTA 6.