Dogman, the last Luc Besson, taxed as "the most stupid film of the year"

Presented in its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Dogman, Luc Besson's latest film, is being slammed by a large part of the foreign press.

In Venice, Dogman did not find favor with the foreign press, far from it. A medley of unkind reviews.

- "While Dogman has very little to say, he does stylistically well... For better or for worse, this old mutt still has some teeth." The Wrap

- “As far-fetched as it may sound.” The Guardian

- “An incredibly obvious story, without an ounce of creativity and deadly boring.” Variety

- “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the stupidest movie you will see this year, maybe even in your entire life.” The Telegraph

Dogman, released in France on September 27

Suffice to say that Luc Besson will not need to buy a down jacket in December, the press across the Atlantic has just copiously dressed him for the winter. Not very flattering writings which contradict certain French rumors, which implied a few months ago, at the exit of private projection, that Dogman was undoubtedly the best film of its author. Two rooms, two atmospheres.

We will have to wait until September 27, 2023, the date of its release in France, to find out for sure.