Samsung Galaxy foldable at low price in 2024?

The affordable Samsung FE range could welcome a Galaxy Z with a foldable screen next year.

Smartphones with foldable screens are cool, but they're still very expensive. Maybe not for long though since Samsung could release a Galaxy Z FE next year, alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6.

Samsung FE foldable in 2024?

This is what the “leaker” Tech_Reve reveals, without further details however because we do not even know if this model will be a Flip specimen with a clamshell or a Fold with a large screen. As a reminder, the FE is a “more affordable” range from Samsung, offering reduced cost versions of certain premium models by modifying a few characteristics, with for example a Galaxy S21 FE. Note in passing that other rumors suggest a Galaxy S23 FE coming very soon.