One Piece Netflix in Japanese!

Unmissable curiosity for fans: the trailer for the new Netflix series One Piece with the voices of the original cartoon.

There will have been a before and after on Thursday August 31, when the One Piece series will be broadcast on Netflix, adaptation with real actors of the mythical manga (and cartoon) One Piece, started in 1997 by Eichiro Oda, and still in the process of publishing/broadcasting.

Superstar voice actors

And after a surprisingly promising trailer, surprisingly well received by the public, here it is again (below) this time dubbed in Japanese. An event far from trivial since in its Japanese version, the series will be doubled by neither more nor less than by the casting which is already raging on the original cartoon. Fans know that dubbing actors in Japan are real stars, contributing a lot to the quality of the works for which they lend their voice.