Tablet market, it continues to tumble…

In the footsteps of the smartphone, the tablet continues to see its sales decline in the world, and this for nearly two years.

According to Canalys, the global tablet market continues its descent into post-Covid hell. Thus in the second quarter of 2023 the distribution of tablets in the world fell by 11% compared to the same period last year. In the first trimester, the fall was 13%.

Apple still archi-leader of the tablet market

In the second quarter, worldwide distribution was 31 million units, lower than in the previous quarter. It is also the worst quarter since the beginning of 2020. Apple and its iPad remain the leader with 12.35 million units distributed (a slight increase compared to 12.1 million last year for the same period), for a market share that fell from 34.9% to 39.8%. Apple is the only manufacturer in the Top 5 to observe annual growth.

Samsung is second with 6.01 million units distributed in the second quarter, and Amazon is third with 2.21 million tablets. "Although demand for tablets has declined from the high levels seen during the pandemic, it remains relatively resilient," said Himani Mukka of Canalys. With the PC and smartphone markets also under pressure, tablet vendors have an additional tool to target opportunities in the consumer, retail and education sectors. The market will gain momentum from seasonally stronger demand in the second half of the year as vendors continue to launch new products, adopt aggressive go-to-market strategies and boost promotional activities.”

See you in early 2024 to see if this relatively optimistic speech from the Canalys analyst has come true.