Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold, which foldable is the most popular?

Between the foldable tablet and the more retro-inspired clamshell model, the crowd favorite stands out clearly in Samsung's Galaxy Z duo.

At the forefront of the foldable screen smartphone market, Samsung is on two fronts with, on the one hand, the pioneering Galaxy Z Fold range, and on the other hand the Galaxy Z Flip clamshell model that arrived later.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5/Z Fold 5, over a million pre-orders

The Korean manufacturer recently released the latest generations of its mobiles -Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5- and the trend started last year is confirmed: the public prefers the reduced model Z Flip. With these latest iterations of its foldable models, Samsung has exceeded one million reserved units for the first time (this figure was 970,000 last year) and the distribution between the models is as follows: 70% of Z Flip 5 pre-ordered, compared to 30% for the Z Fold 5. The gap is therefore widening, since in 2022 these proportions were 60/40.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, the reasons for the choice

Probable reasons for this preference, a lower price of course, but also a more practical side, the Z Flip storing more easily. Also note this year a much larger external screen than before, making the device usable even when folded.