LG brid.zzz, headphones dedicated to sleep and relaxation

Korean LG's experimental LG Labs platform presents a pair of headphones to help you sleep better and relax.

A new platform established to offer “innovative and experimental” products and services, LG Labs announces Brid.zzz, wireless headphones which were demonstrated at the beginning of the year at CES in Las Vegas.

LG Brid.zzz, True Wireless headphones at your service

LG Brid.zzz are designed for people suffering from stress, anxiety and insomnia, by inducing personalized, seemingly soothing brain waves. The headphones work in conjunction with a mobile app, combining the user's sleep data with real-time readings of their brainwaves. Based on this information, the headphones send out asymmetrical sound signals (one per ear), which are believed to induce relaxing brain waves, changing in real time depending on the state of the listener.

Availability and indicative prices still unknown.