Disney, 19 million fewer subscribers over 9 months, the hunt for password sharing is open

The turnover of the Disney+ platform continues to climb, despite an increasingly severe loss of subscribers.

On the occasion of the announcement of its latest quarterly results, the Disney group declared a turnover of 22.3 billion dollars, or 4% better than the same period last year. For its part, the Disney+ service limits the damage with losses of 512 million dollars, almost half the figure of 1.06 billion for the same period in 2022.

Disney+, loss of more than 19 million subscribers in nine months…

However, a loss of 11.7 million subscribers is observed during this second quarter of 2023 (for a total figure which falls from 157.8 to 146.1 million), almost three times more than the drop of 4 million the previous quarter (and an additional 2.4 million the previous three months). A sad new record, offset on the turnover side by more expensive subscription prices, and reduced marketing costs.

Disney+ and Netflix, same fight against password sharing

Disney announces in passing - like Netflix a few months ago - an increased fight against password sharing, the practice of giving free access to your account to someone who does not live under your roof. A hunt that has apparently already begun in some areas.