Collectible Nintendo micro-SD cards

Be Nintendo all the way with these Switch console memory cards featuring Zelda, Yoshi or Mario.

Western Digital presents its new series of micro-SD memory cards for the Nintendo Switch console, licensed by Nintendo. A partnership that allows the cards to feature a sober and effective design featuring the emblematic symbols of the greatest Nintendo licenses.

Nintendo micro-SD cards, real collector's items

Be careful though because if you are a real collector, be aware that each memory capacity (there are five in all) corresponds to a color and a design: Yoshi's egg for the 64 GB model, Mario's mushroom for the 128 GB, Mario's Invincibility Star for the 256 GB, Mario's Raccoon Leaf for the 512 GB, and Zelda's Hyrule Kingdom Emblem for the 1 terrabyte.

Offering read and write speeds of up to 100 MB/s and 90 MB/s respectively, the memory cards are available between €17.99 and $179.99 (indicative price) depending on their capacity.