Apple develops its “GPT Chat”

In order not to be overtaken by the competition in the field of AI, Apple would work on its own intelligent text generator, informally called "Apple GPT".

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is working on an OpenAI ChatGPT-style smart text generator, which some internal engineers call "Apple GPT." Work on artificial intelligence (AI) at Apple has apparently become a priority in recent months, so as not to be left behind by the recently prolific competition.

Apple artificial intelligence, OpenAI abandoned in favor of an internal solution

Apple has developed a work environment using the Ajax computer architecture dedicated to language models such as Chat GPT, to design its own chatbot used internally. For the moment, the company does not have a clear strategy as to an end product for its users. Apple would have previously considered working with OpenAI technology to finally go it alone.

Conclusive Apple artificial intelligence?

The product resulting from this development could be unveiled in 2024, but Apple still has no concrete plan for this. If the company trains its AI with years of data drawn from its users (via iMessage, email exchanges, photos, or biometric data), one can imagine a more than convincing outcome, despite a late arrival late in the race.