PlayStation 5 soon cheaper?

The PlayStation 5 could get an official price drop before the end of the year.

A PlayStation 5 Slim should arrive very soon, as suggested by rumors for several months, confirmed recently by Microsoft (yes, Microsoft). And to prepare for its arrival, Sony could sell off its stocks of the “classic” PS5 by lowering its price to make it more attractive.

Price drop announced in the form of a rebus by leaker billbil-kun

A price drop recently announced by “leaker” billbil-kun, apparently renowned for his reliability. His Twitter message reads like a fairly simple riddle to decipher, based on explicit emojis. If you don't have time to solve it, it simply states that the PS5 will see its price drop in the USA, UK and Germany, soon. There is no doubt that if the rumor proves true, other regions such as France will be affected in the process.