Release delayed for the iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15s this fall could miss their traditional September launch and arrive in October, at the earliest.

According to analyst Wamsi Mohan of Bank of America, the release of the iPhone 15 (more particularly that of the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max) could be delayed by a few weeks: they would thus arrive in the fourth quarter, i.e. October at the earliest.

iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max delay, a concern related to the thinness of the screen frame?

The analyst does not really give reasons for this delay but bases himself on his information collected on the Asian manufacturing chain of the iPhone. Since Wamsi Mohan's statements, other sources mention concerns at LG Display regarding the manufacture of screens with extremely thin frames. As a reminder, last year the iPhone 14 were presented on September 7 for sale on September 16. However, it took until early October for the iPhone 14 Plus, delayed due to problems on the production lines at the time. Source: Barrons