The Oval, the charger that imprisons your smartphone

The Oval is a new solution to start your digital detox, stop checking your smartphone every five seconds.

For some the smartphone is a drug. A simple beep, the slightest vibration, and hop the device comes out of the pocket and finds itself in your hands for hours. For those who need coercion to wean themselves, here is The Oval charger, the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign and the perfect ally for starting a digital detox.

Charger The Oval, for a smooth digital detox

The Oval is a charger capable of simultaneously accommodating four smartphones (or even AirPods), which remain inaccessible during (wireless) charging, since they are literally enclosed in the object. It only opens after a time determined by you, but there is however an immediate opening system in case of emergency (or abandonment due to weakness).

Charger The Oval, design object

In addition to its original function, The Oval is a beautiful object in the shape of an opaque flying saucer, equipped with four feet. It is also equipped with LED lighting, the color and intensity of which can be adjusted with the dedicated application. It also allows you to set the aforementioned timer, as well as to keep track of the number of minutes during which you managed to do without your smartphone.