Apple banned from Russia?

The Russian government begins to ban iPhones and other Apple devices from its administrations, for fear of American espionage…

According to the Financial Times, the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) recently "encouraged" thousands of Russian civil servants and administrative employees to stop using their iPhones and other Apple products for work.

Apple accused of espionage by the Russian FSB, for the benefit of the American NSA

The initiative follows an FSB report dated June 1, 2023, claiming that the NSA (American National Security Agency) uses backdoors or "backdoors" in iPhones - with Apple's approval - to spy on Russia. An accusation denied the next day by Apple.

, Accusation of espionage, the previous Huawei

A story that is reminiscent of the charge of the American government in 2019 against Huawei, also accused of intermediaries in the context of espionage of the United States by China. Here too, Huawei had denied its involvement.