Thomson Easy TV, the essential television from 24'' to 43''

As announced a few weeks ago in our columns, Thomson televisions are back in Europe in 2023 (see our Thomson TV news, rebirth of the brand with 40 new models from 24'' to 85''), the occasion for the editorial staff of for a detailed presentation of the range. After the Thomson Smart TV and Thomson UHD Smart TV series, it's time for the Thomson Easy TV. As a reminder, without a Smart TV function, the latter targets users interested in television only television, or already equipped with an Apple TV type box, nVidia Shield TV or Android TV box (see our complete test of the Thomson THA100 by clicking on its reference).

Available in black or white finish, the Thomson Easy TV series therefore has seven references, the Thomson 24HD2S13 (black colour)/Thomson 24HD2S13W (white colour), Thomson 32HD2S13/Thomson 32HD2S13W, Thomson 40FD2S13/Thomson 40FD2S13W and Thomson 43FD2S13. The change of letters H/F in the references marks the nature of the definition of these broadcasters, HD for a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, FD for 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Thomson Easy TV, main specs

For the rest, these televisions have a Quad Core processor for sophisticated image processing, an 8-bit 60 Hz LCD panel, a Direct LED Global Dimming backlight system, a stereo sound section delivering 6W (24'') at 16 W (32'', 40'' and 43''), Dolby Audio compatibility, a DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-C2 triple tuner, a backlit remote control (possibility of an optional remote control suitable for people elderly and/or visually impaired with larger keys, limited in number, but still equipped with a favorite button to access your favorite channel with a single press).

Thomson Easy TV, connectors and adjustable stand

Thomson Easy TV televisions are richly equipped in terms of connectors. There are three HDMI CEC 1.4 inputs, one of which manages the ARC functionality, one Composite on RCA, one stereo on RCA, one coaxial output, two powered USB ports, one CI+ port and one headphone output.

Thomson Easy TV, design

Thomson Easy TV televisions, despite their relatively small diagonal, feature a neat and very successful design. First, we notice that the finish is also on the back of the screen. Thus, the look of televisions with a white color appears harmonious. Similarly, the Thomson Easy TV series benefits, even on the smallest diagonals, from an extremely thin LCD panel frame for a beautiful elegance.

Available immediately. Indicative prices: €169 for the Thomson 24HD2S13, €199 for the Thomson 24HD2S13W, €189 for the Thomson 32HD2S13, €219 for the Thomson 32HD2S13W, €249 for the Thomson 40FD2S13, €279 for the Thomson 40FD2S13W and €279 for the Thomson 43FD2S13.