Samsung TQ83S90C, 83'' (211 cm) White Oled TV available in the USA…

While we were waiting for its preview presentation at the IFA show in Berlin in early September, the first White Oled Samsung TQ83S90C (83'', 211 cm) TV is arriving without warning in the United States at an indicative price of 5,400 dollars.

Initially announced via press release by Samsung US, the existence of the White Oled Samsung TQ83S90C (83'', 211 cm) TV was then confirmed by the addition of a page dedicated to this reference on the the S90C TV series on the manufacturer's US site (click on the reference to discover it).

Samsung TQ83S90C, White Oled Ultra HD 4K TV

As hinted in our previous posts on this television (see our news Samsung TQ83S90C, TV White Oled 83 '' (211 cm) at the IFA in Berlin in September?), the Samsung TQ83S90C does not have a Woled Meta panel , the latter not existing in diagonal 83 inches. It is therefore an Oled EX panel that is required. As already explained in our columns, its presence certainly explains why Samsung wanted to limit the performance of its S90C series (see our news Samsung S90C, TV QD Oled Ultra HD 4K 55 '', 65 '' and 77 '' with peak light at +1,500 nits) yet equipped with the same QD Oled panels as its S95C series (see our news Samsung S95C, QD Oled Ultra HD 4K 55'', 65'' and 77'' TV with peak light at +2,000 nits ), in addition to the expected range effect. The performance of the Woled 83 '' panel is indeed very close to that of the White Oled 83 '' 2022 vintage panels, i.e. between 900 nits and 1,000 nits for the light peak, i.e. in the same waters as those of QD Oled TVs S90C. We can therefore legitimately think that Samsung had in mind the addition of an 83 '' White Oled diagonal for its S90C series from the start and therefore sought to standardize the performance of the different screen sizes, and therefore of the different panels. .

Samsung TQ83S90C, Samsung equipment and features package Except for the presence of a Woled panel signed LG Display, the Samsung TQ83S90C includes the Samsung equipment and features package. First, the Tizen operating system, a Neural Quantum Processor 4K chip, Dolby Atmos compatibility, HDMI 2.1 connectors with all associated functions (eARC, ALLM, VRR, 4K/120), Samsung Gaming Hub with support for game streaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now... and a SolarCell (solar) remote control that recharges using artificial or natural light, or even via RF waves (those of the Wi-Fi box). -Fi for example). On the other hand, like other televisions with the Samsung logo, there is no mention of HDR Dolby Vision compatibility. Of course, HDR10+ is included.