The Apple Vision Pro disrupts Samsung's plans

Samsung wanted to market its own extended reality headset (virtual + augmented + s]mixed) early next year, but the announcement of Apple's model upset the Korean's plans.

A few weeks ago, rumors claimed that Samsung teams had left to redesign their mixed reality headset project after Apple announced its own Vision Pro model.

Samsung is reviewing its extended reality headset after the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro

According to online daily SRS Biz, Samsung's headset was originally due for release in February 2024, but it was reportedly delayed and wouldn't arrive until the middle of next year. According to memos sent to Samsung's partners, the manufacturer has decided to rethink the characteristics of its device, in particular the resolution of the screens, which will be higher than that of the Apple Vision Pro.

Google partner of Samsung!! !!

Aim of the maneuver, to seriously compete with the Apple model. Google is working with Samsung to develop the software portion of the Samsung headset, and recently canceled its own augmented reality glasses project, to focus on supporting Samsung's model.