Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny picks up at the box office

A more than shy start at the box office for Indiana Jones and James Mangold's Dial of Destiny.

With “only” 60 million dollars in revenue in three days of operation in the USA and 70 million in the rest of the world (52 territories), Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny (click for the prescient review) does not exceed not the 130 million dollars.

Indy 5 does worse than Flash


In comparison, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull started with $272 million in worldwide revenue, a little more than double the last opus! The film, which was released last week, underperformed even The Flash, which grossed $139 million worldwide with a lower budget of $100 million.

With a total cost of between $205 million and $300 million, plus $100 million in release and marketing costs, there is extremely little chance that the film will break even. . Source: Deadline