Save space at home with the new SOS deco show my house is going to crack!

Notice to amateurs. New decoration/renovation/design reality TV show on Netflix with Hack my Home in VO (SOS my house will crack! in VF).

If you've checked out the Netflix Grand Designs, The World's Most Extraordinary Homes, My Dream Home, Come to My Home (the best), Million Dollar Beach House, Top Motels, Interior Beauties, Renovation Mission, or Interior Decorating Shows, here are some what to quench your thirst for tips and pretty interiors in the making with the help of fully invested pros.

How to save space without breaking the bank but with ideas

This time, SOS my house will crack! follows deserving families facing similar versions of the same problem: they need more space but don't want to move or break the bank to get it. A dream team of experts comes to the rescue: Mikel Welch in design, Brooks Atwood in innovation, Ati Williams in construction and Jessica Banks in engineering (definitely!). They will combine their talents to transform cluttered spaces with creative and original design, decoration and storage solutions that make the most of every square inch.

The eight episodes of SOS my house is going to crack! will be available July 7 on Netflix. And if not Madame / Monsieur Netflix, when is the sequel to Grand Designs? THANKS.