Spotify Hi-Fi Supremium, price and release date

Constantly postponed, Spotify's Hi-Fi offer should normally arrive before the end of the year.

Waited since early 2021 by many users of the music service, having even prompted the subscription of some following its announcement, the Spotify HiFi offer ceased to be relevant in early 2022, as confirmed in person the CEO of the company.

Amazon Music and Apple Music already available in audio CD quality

Since the initial announcement, the competition - notably Apple Music and Amazon - have launched their own Hi-Fi offer at no additional cost, a state of affairs which explains why Spotify is slow to come to market. The company will indeed monetize this option, and must justify this pricing in the face of competing free offers. This was suggested by Gustav Söderström -co-president of Spotify- last March.

Spotify Hi-Fi Supremium deal offered at $19.99 per month?

And according to the latest indiscretions gathered by Bloomberg, the price of this new option – a priori called Supremium – could be $19.99 per month, twice as much as the current Premium. It will normally arrive before the end of the year, but not in the USA at first. Note that it could include audiobooks, where these contents are only available by separate purchase at this time.