First trailer for the new Sony Marvel Universe: Kraven the Hunter

The next Sony Marvel Universe, Kraven the Hunter, is unveiled in a thunderous trailer.

It starts with an action sequence which, for once, is pretty well done. Very bloody action scenes that contrast radically with Disney's Marvel universe and a very impressive and magnetic Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Bullet Train). Apart from a digitally rejuvenated Russell Crowe and a lion attack in synthesis, we came close to flawless.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kraven and future James Bond?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (in the short list of possible future interpreters of Agent 007) slips into the beast skin of Kraven, the famous antagonist of Spider-Man in the eponymous comics. At his side, we find Russell Crowe who plays the character's father, Fred Hechinge who plays his brother, Ariana DeBose his beloved and Levi Miller as a younger Kraven.

Note that Christopher Abbott and Alessandro Nivola will be the "bad guys" in the film. Sergei Kravinoff, alias Kraven the Hunter, is therefore the new iconic villain of the Spider-Man universe, after Venom and Morbius. The film will be released in theaters in October 2023.