Apple Vision Pro, 96 Hz mode on the menu for 24p content

While the presentation of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset earlier this week at the WWDC 2023 conference impressed the world, it also raised many questions about its technical specifications of the device. In recent hours, the Cupertino company has provided some details, in particular for the viewing of films.

If we knew that the Vision Pro headset manages Ultra HD 4K signals (see our news Apple Vision Pro: revolutionary mixed reality headset?), Apple specified in a video intended for developers that a specific mode and automatic for the restitution of a signal at 24 frames per second was present, in SDR or HDR.

Apple Vision Pro, 96 Hz mode suitable for 24p content

Automatic because this mode engages in the presence of a 24 Hz signal with a display frequency which then changes from 90 Hz (the base frequency of the Vision Pro) to 96 Hz, a perfect multiple of 24 Hz (96 = 24x4). This last frequency is the one ultra mainly used by the cinema (and certain TV series). The idea for Apple is to offer a display frequency above 90 Hz, the lower limit with a virtual reality headset to counter the phenomenon of motion sickness (also known as motion sickness) even if this this can still manifest itself up to 120 hertz, at the same time suitable for 24p signals to make their display more fluid. Quadrupling the number of frames displayed per second, without any processing, ensures excellent fluidity while minimizing artifacts.