Fully restored copy for the first 4K UHD of Le Mépris de Godard

Masterpiece of the New Wave, Contempt celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. 4K Ultra HD release with totally justified fanfare at Studiocanal on June 14.

Haunted by the specter of the history of cinema, evolving in a deserted setting, overlooked by statues of Greek gods, the characters of Contempt are "the castaways of the Western world", explained Godard, who died last September.

How to escape unscathed from this magnificent film?

The story is that of screenwriter Paul Javal (Piccoli), hired by a film producer (Palance) to work on an adaptation of The Odyssey directed by Fritz Lang. Paul then leaves to settle in Capri, where the film was shot, with his wife Camille (Bardot). How to escape unscathed from this magnificent film? Undoubtedly the most beautiful of Godard.

Le Contempt, June 14th at StudioCanal

The 4K Ultra HD (HDR10) edition of Le Mépris announced on June 14 at Studiocanal will be accompanied by a Blu-Ray of the film, a Collector's booklet by Jean-Baptiste Thoret, two short films by Jacques Rozier and the documentary Once upon a time... Contempt.

It also and above all benefited from a meticulous 4K HDR Dolby Vision restoration operated by Studiocanal (Sophie Boyer and Jean-Pierre Boiget) between 2021 and 2023 at the Hiventy laboratory, with the participation of the CNC.

A very long 4K HDR Dolby Vision restoration of Contempt

Work which notably made it possible to return to the original calibration of the film. The publisher specifies that the original 35 mm negative and the interpositive were used, as well as the reference copy reworked in 2002 by Raoul Coutard, the film's chief operator, for around fifty hours of preparatory wiping work , verification, physical repairs, before the original items can be scanned.

It also took no less than 220 hours of graphic design to erase, image by image, the alterations, dust and other hairs from the film. We should thus find all the detail missing from the previous digital versions in the high and low lights, and the play of the original saturated colors thanks to 40 hours of calibration.

Only a few more days to wait to discover the fabulous work carried out around Contempt for its 4K version. An event.