Amazon Prime Video, soon a cheaper option with advertising?

In the wake of its most important competitors -Disney+ and Netflix- Amazon's streaming platform could also offer a cheaper option interspersed with ads.

According to indiscretions collected by the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is preparing a cheaper option interspersed with advertising for its Prime Video streaming service. Discussions about this internally are still in their infancy, having started only a few weeks ago.

Prime Video option more affordable but with ads, Amazon is working on it…

Amazon is considering several possibilities for integrating ads, such as showing more of them to current subscribers in order to get them to pay more to eliminate these ads. This new direction for Amazon is not surprising knowing that its main competitors -Netflix and Disney+- have already taken the plunge. Especially since Amazon is already in the advertising business, the latter having brought in $9.5 billion in sales in the last quarter.