Apple augmented reality glasses: will they look like this? (video)

They will arrive at best in 2026, Apple's augmented reality glasses... And maybe they will look like this.

Still nothing official but rumors have been swirling for a long time now…

Mixed reality headset before augmented reality glasses

Apple's first mixed reality headset should be announced in the coming weeks, and will be followed in 2026 (at best) by a product more accessible to the general public, augmented reality (AR) glasses. As always, these unannounced products spark the imagination of artists of all persuasions, the latest coming from the Technizo Concept YouTube channel.

Its concept adopts a slightly rough, even cumbersome, angular style that we are not used to seeing at Apple, but even with the level of miniaturization that we know today, it would be difficult to cram so many technologies into a thin and discreet design.

Helmet Lenses with Metalens technology

Note that, according to the latest news, Apple wants to integrate Metalens technology into its RA glasses, a flat surface that uses nanostructures to concentrate light. Metalens lenses are currently in development at Apple to replace the usual layers of plastic covering optical lenses.