Another life saved, thank you Apple Watch

An additional act of bravery for the Apple connected watch, which comes to the rescue of a human life for the umpteenth time.

New episode of our series “the Apple Watch saves another life”, which we could get tired of, but it would be a shame to trivialize the impact of technology on an action as important as… saving a life. This time, it's the fall detector built into the connected Apple watch that once again shows its relevance.

Apple Watch, small watch to avoid big trouble

The story is about 83-year-old Cincinnati resident William Fryer who was walking the Ohio River Trail last February when his knee just gave out. No one around to help him, but luckily his Apple Watch detected the fall and called for help, as well as his family. Once arrived at the hospital, nothing special is detected until a zealous doctor asks for an x-ray and discovers a huge blood clot in the gentleman's chest, which is the cause of this joint failure. Namely that such a clot eventually leads to serious, life-threatening pulmonary embolisms, and that it should normally have been accompanied by more serious symptoms, which was not the case, making it undetectable until the famous fall.

A trip to the operating room and Fryer was literally on his feet, expressing his gratitude for his smartwatch. Source: ABC9 WCPO