$3,000 the Apple headset, why?

A recently leaked document reveals the price of each component that will be found in Apple's mixed reality headset, normally unveiled in early June.

Source of rumors for many years, Apple's very first product in the field of mixed reality (virtual reality + augmented reality) should normally be presented in June at the annual Apple WWDC 2023 conference (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference).

Apple mixed reality headset, component price known

And one of the rumors that comes up often is the selling price of the device, around 3,000 dollars. A particularly high price that positions this product in the segment of high-end equipment. One of the explanations for this price recently emerged through a document (source Reddit) listing the price of each of the components of the device (see photo below).

Apple mixed reality headset, cost doubled compared to Meta's Quest Pro

Called the Bill of Materials, this document shows that the total price of the components alone ranges between $1,500 and $1,600. Knowing that we must add manufacturing, marketing, transport, R&D and other ancillary costs, we understand why Apple's headphones will be sold so expensive. For comparison, the cost price of Meta's Quest Pro headset is "only" $800, for a retail price (at launch) of $1,499.