Dali IO-12: APT-X Adaptive Bluetooth supra-aural headphones, USB-C 96 kHz/24 bits and active noise reduction

The Danish manufacturer completes its range of headphones with, after the Dali IO-4 and Dali IO-6, the Dali IO-12. Supra-aural, wired or Bluetooth model, the Dali IO-12 embeds unprecedented technological solutions that are worth a detour.

The Dali IO-12 is the first headset to incorporate the exclusive SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnetic system, directly from the brand's speakers, with the aim of greatly reducing the hysteresis phenomenon. This often manifests itself in the use of conventional magnets within a traditional loudspeaker which can introduce unintended resistance to the voice coil, and lead to unwanted distortion. The SMC process signed Dali, combined with the Danish manufacturer's paper fiber cone membranes, considerably reduces the phenomenon of hysteresis, and therefore harmonic distortion.

The word to Dali

“By applying SMC technology to the IO-12s, we have essentially reached electrostatic levels in terms of clarity.” Dali refers to electrostatic loudspeakers, based on a technology totally different from conventional HP, which have the advantage of offering a much better rendering of details, unfortunately at stratospheric prices.

Dali IO-12, Main Specifications

Another interesting option offered by the Dali IO-12 headset is its use in wired mode, via the APT-X Adaptive Bluetooth protocol, or in wired mode using the supplied 3.5 mm mini-Jack/USB-C cable. In this last configuration, Hi-Res Audio certification is required with the management of files up to 96 kHz/24 bits. These are reproduced through 50 mm speakers and active noise reduction is on the menu.

Dali IO-12, Main Specifications Next

Namely, true to its philosophy, the Dali IO-12 headphones cannot be controlled by an app. Fortunately, the touch controls allow you to change tracks, manage the volume, and more. Namely, the Dali IO-12 offers two sound profiles In wireless mode, the autonomy announced by Dali for the IO-12 displays approximately 35 hours two distinct audio profiles: the first offers a reproduction faithful to the intentions of the artist without any artifice, while the second offers a more punchy sound reproduction, playing in particular on the impact of low frequencies, then reinforced. Last details, support for the various voice assistants is on the program, the headband is made of genuine leather, the same goes for the ear pads and the Dali IO-12 can be folded for easy transport. More details later.

Availability announced for the month of August. Indicative price: 999 euros.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Dali IO-12:

• Type: supra-aural headphones

• Loudspeaker(s): dynamic, 50 mm diameter

• Connectivity: Bluetooth ATP-X Adaptive

• Active noise reduction: yes

• Voice assistants Google Assistant, Apple Siri

• Battery life: 35 hours with noise reduction activated