Apple headphones, it gets excited about trademark filings

While the announcement of the first mixed reality headset from Apple is supposed to be imminent, things are going on behind the scenes on the side of legal proceedings.

As the announcement of Apple's mixed reality headset approached at the beginning of June, activities were spotted in terms of trademark filing, Apple wishing to finalize the legal protection of the surnames associated with its product before releasing it. throw.

Registration of the term RealityproOS…

Thus, very recently, the term RealityproOS was registered in New Zealand via a shell company of the manufacturer, the same which had registered the names RealityOne and RealityPro last year. As a reminder, these names could be the final name of the product once it is on sale.

Concomitant deposit of the term RealOS…

The name RealOS has also been filed, already spotted last year and belonging to another Apple screen company. It comes in addition to other recently appeared terms such as xrOS, xrProOS and, therefore, RealityproOS. That is as many names as the operating system of the machine could carry. Source: macrumors