Nike X Ted Lasso merchandise soon sold by Apple?

Rather sparse in derivative products, the Apple Store could soon sell clothing and accessories bearing the image of its flagship series Ted Lasso.

Merchandise from the excellent Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, including the sportswear worn by the protagonists, is nothing new. As early as 2021, Warner Bros was already selling them, and Nike recently released a collection bearing the image of the series.

Ted Lasso's look at home

What is new, however, and which should not be for long, is the sale of these products directly by Apple. If we believe the latest indiscretions collected by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, from the beginning of June, the online Apple Store could distribute Nike X Ted Lasso merchandise, just to capitalize on the imminent end of the third (and last?) season airing on Apple TV+.

If successful, we can expect Apple to continue the experiment with products from other of its original series. For goodness sake: please also think of the girls who are not very football fans but who wear Keeley Jones' outfits in the series, magnificently interpreted by the actress Juno Temple...