China's 4K and 8K Ultra HD industry on the rise

The latest figures from China on the 4K/8K Ultra HD industry are simply impressive. In 2022, according to the CCID (China Center for Information Industry Development), the economic weight of this economic sector exceeded 3,000 billion yuan, or nearly 432 billion dollars.

More ambitious than ever in the field of ultra high definition, China is at the forefront of the UHD ecosystem.

China and Ultra HD, eight 4K channels and two 8K channels

Indeed, the Middle Kingdom has, at the time of writing, eight Ultra HD 4K broadcasting channels and two Ultra HD 8K channels, more than any other country in the world. At the same time, China has promoted the development and industrialization of 8K equipment: 8K camera, 8K monitors, 8K image sensors, 8K control room…

China and 8K, to infinity and beyond

China wants to continue to develop the Ultra HD 4K/8K industry by rapidly applying this technology to areas other than audio-video, for example automotive, teleconferencing systems, streaming or still professional and/or commercial display.