PS5 with external 4K drive, production in May and marketing in September?

Reporter Tom Henderson tells us about a Sony patent filing for "an optical disc drive that could be 'mounted' in electronic equipment such as a game console, computer or audio-visual equipment". Perhaps a foretaste of the famous PS5 console equipped with an external drive, subdued by Tom Henderson since the start of the last school year and predicted for the end of 2023.

The first on the spot with a first "leaked info" in September 2022 concerning a new upcoming version of the PS5 with external optical drive (see our news New PS5 in 2023 with external 4K Blu-Ray drive?) , Tom Henderson insisted in December on its veracity (see our news New PS5 with external 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive, it becomes clearer…).

PS5 with external 4K drive, production from May 2023 and release in September 2023?

He gives a layer of it today via the site by linking his previous publications to the emergence of a Sony patent dated March 25, 2021 describing an optical reader capable of being associated with hardware electronics, for example a game console but also a computer… He also takes the opportunity to specify that the production of this new PS5 console with external 4K Ultra HD player should begin next month, in May, for a marketing of the machine from the next school year, in September.