What if the PS5 was portable (bis)

There is little chance that Sony will return to the portable console market, but we have the right to dream, right?

Remember the days when PlayStation was leading the way on both home consoles and portable consoles…

PS5 to take everywhere with you

Time has passed, and it is the smartphone that has established itself as the ultimate mobile gaming machine, even sending the leader Nintendo back to the roses, the latter nevertheless keeping a foothold in the field thanks to the Switch hybrid. Despite recent rumours, a Sony return to the mobile sector remains unlikely, which does not prevent some from imagining a PlayStation 5 that we could carry everywhere.

PS5, cincept signed Technizo Concept

This time it's the Technizo Concept channel - usually versed in smartphones - that goes with its concept, so powerful that it is even capable of running the latest God of War. We told you, we can dream…