New portable PlayStation in 2024?

Sony is preparing a new portable machine, possibly a successor to the PSP and PS Vita consoles, but more likely a streaming accessory for the PlayStation 5.

According to Insider Gaming sources, Sony is working on a device codenamed Q Lite, which looks like a portable console. The machine has an 8'' (20.32 cm) LCD 1080p 60 Hz screen, with DualSense style extensions (the PlayStation 5 controller) on both sides.

Sony Q Lite, to play without hogging the TV…

The most optimistic thought it was Sony's return to the portable console sector after the PS Vita was discontinued in 2019, but other information presents the device as an accessory for streaming games. PS5 games and play all over the house without monopolizing the television, subject to internet access. The function already exists via smartphone, but this new product will be dedicated to the task and will offer the unique control functions of the DualSense controller.

So don't expect an onboard storage capacity to be able to play offline. The Q Lite is expected to be released in mid-2024.