The iPhone still champion of the premium segment

Despite a sluggish 2022 for the smartphone market, Apple is doing quite well, benefiting from the good health of the high-priced mobile segment.

We already knew it and the latest figures from the firm Counterpoint confirm it, the smartphone did not have its best year in 2022, seeing global sales fall by 12% compared to 2021. However, the premium segment -mobiles displayed above $600 - was up 1%.

75% of the 2022 premium smartphone market goes to Apple and its iPhones…

Thus, the most expensive models accounted for 55% of world market sales, the highest proportion ever achieved in this segment. Naturally, Apple dominates this price category both in 2022… and in all previous years. The brand is thus experiencing 6% growth in the premium smartphone sector, capturing 75% of this market (see our news 8 iPhone in the Top 10 of 2022). Apple is thus benefiting from the decline in sales of Huawei in China. Samsung lags behind with 16% of the market, down 5% from 2021.