Reality Pro headphones, rififi at Apple?

A handful of Apple employees are speaking out about the lack of unanimity within the company - a rare thing - regarding its next flagship product, the Reality Pro headphones.

On condition of anonymity, eight Apple employees - some of whom are still with the company - were interviewed by The New York Times about the brand's next flagship product due out this year, the mixed reality headset dubbed Reality Pro.

Apple Reality Pro Mixed Reality Headset, some collaborators express doubts

The testimonials express in particular their doubts as to the usefulness and the price -3,000 dollars- of the device. This is surely the first time that such a lack of unanimity has been observed at Apple around a product, a sharp contrast with the previous enthusiastic and unifying launches within the brand. Where other Apple products have in the past solved a problem, this one would rather be looking for a problem rather than a solution.

Apple Reality Pro mixed reality headset in 2023, whim of Tim Cook?

Some Apple employees left the project due to their doubts about its potential, while others were fired for inefficiency on certain features, including Siri. Another sign of internal dissension, the fact that Tim Cook -Apple CEO- would have insisted on pushing the product on the market too early for the taste of other members of the company. For reference, products like AirTags had been delayed for more than a year to fine-tune certain details, such as privacy management in particular.