Reality Pro mixed reality headset, demonstration to Apple pundits

Apple's new mixed-reality headset has been demonstrated to Apple's Top 100 top brass, another sign that the product is coming very soon.

Dubbed Reality Pro, and a persistent rumor for many years, Apple's mixed reality headset - virtual reality (VR) + augmented reality (AR) - should finally be announced at the annual Apple WWDC event (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) in June, for release at the end of the year.

Apple Reality Pro headset: “exciting demonstration”

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, always well-informed behind the scenes of Apple, claims that a demonstration of the device was given to the Top 100 of the most highly placed employees of Apple, within the prestigious Steve Jobs Theater . Given their position, this myriad of presidents have seen the product before, but this time around the demo was more comprehensive, calling it “slick, flashy, and exciting.”

Apple Reality Pro headset released too soon?

An optimism that must however be put into perspective with a recent report from the New York Times citing eight former Apple employees who have strong doubts about the device. What's more, the helmet would be marketed too early on the market and would require more development to be completed, according to another rumor that we reported to you a short time ago.