Three screens for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5?

Exciting new details for the next iteration of Samsung's high-end flip smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

While Samsung's new foldable screen smartphones -Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5- should be presented at the end of August at the beginning of September, rumors about them continue to fuel the internet.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, two external screens?

Thus, according to the leaker SuperRoader, the external part of the device - when it is folded up - should have not one but two screens. We think this information is questionable, which therefore places a very small screen to the right of the photo sensors, and a larger one on the rest of the surface (see photo below).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, 3.4'' square external display?

Less dubious info, and corroborated by another leaker -IceUniverse- this large external screen should be much larger than before, ie 3.4 '' (8.63 cm) with an almost square format. He adds that there should be no visible gaps when the device is folded, thanks to a new type of hinge already mentioned earlier this year and which should make its debut on both the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and its large brother Galaxy Z Fold 5.