Advertising and streaming: Disney does better than Netflix

While the major streaming platforms have just launched their cheaper option with advertising, which ones are getting off to the best start?

According to analyst firm Antenna, Disney+ is off to a better start than its competitors in the area of cheaper, ad-supported subscription options. Thus, in the first month of launch, this option at Disney+ represents 20% of new subscriptions, while this figure is 9% for Netflix, and 14% for HBO Max.

Netflix with advertising exclusively with the first price offer

Netflix's option, however, differs from the competition because it is limited to the functionalities of its first price Essential offer, in particular not offering HD quality. In January, the Essential subscription with advertisements accounted for 54% of all new Essential subscriptions.

Apple, soon a more accessible Apple TV+ offer, with advertising?

We are only at the beginning of this type of monetization, and it is interesting to see how the revenues of each platform will evolve, each with its own pricing strategy. Precision, it is also said that Apple could also arrive soon in this sector. Source: Advanced Television