Korea's display makers and state plan to invest heavily in the display industry

Contatanr an increasingly assertive presence of Chinese manufacturers in the screen industry, Korean firms have decided on a five-year investment plan to maintain their technological leadership, supported by the government of South Korea which has just to classify this strategic sector for the development and influence of the country.

South Korean companies in the screen industry have announced an investment plan amounting to 47 billion dollars for the next five years. A few days ago, on March 14 to be exact, the South Korean government decided to support this investment.

South Korea, the state supports the national screen industry

Thus, the South Korean state announces an envelope of 688 million dollars intended for the construction of new installations and the manufacture of equipment, plus 726 million dollars for the research and development of inorganic display technologies (Editor's note : self-emissive LCD or QLED). The OLED organic display technology, used for the realization of transparent screens, virtual/extended/mixed reality, or embedded in vehicles, will benefit from a budget of 321 million dollars. Finally, the South Korean state has also announced support for the training of 9,000 engineers by 2032.

China LCD leader, aims for Oled leadership

As a reminder, the global screen sector represents a market of around 115 billion dollars, with respective market shares of 64% and 36% for LCD and OLED. China has already overtaken South Korea in the LCD display segment and is increasingly hot on the heels of South Korea in the OLED diffuser segment. As proof, the market share of Chinese OLED screen suppliers grew from 4% to 18% between 2018 and 2021. And a recent report mentions an evolution of their market share in the mobile OLED screen segment of 11% to 30% between 2019 and this year.