LG A3, the Oled 4K TV series disappears from the catalog…

The commercial career of Oled LG A televisions will therefore have been meteoric with the only availability of the LG A2 series marketed in 2022 (see photo below). The LG A3 series still planned in the brand's catalog at the CES show in Las Vegas last January therefore disappears purely and simply. Explanations.

At the latest news, the disappearance of the LG A3 series would not only be limited to France or even Europe but would concern the whole world. And even if LG A3 televisions could see the light of day in one country (or two, or three…), LG has therefore decided to suspend the marketing of these screens.

LG A3 TV, premium speech consistency problem

The reason for this ousting of the LG A3 broadcasters from the Korean manufacturer's range? Their 60 Hz and not 120 Hz Oled panel which denotes within a global discourse of the brand highlighting the premium character of its Oled TVs, particularly in terms of video games. Who says 60 Hz panel implies the absence of 4K120 compatibility, an argument put forward by more and more PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X games, therefore the absence of “really” HDMI 2.1. In short, LG has chosen to give priority, on this point, to the consistency of the message for its Oled 4K/8K TV series.

The Korean manufacturer's low-end Oled TV series in 2023 is none other than the LG B3.