LG Xboom XL7 speaker, 250W big sound

Lighting effects and powerful sound make LG's latest portable speaker, the Xboom XL7, a must-have for setting the mood for big parties.

LG presents its latest addition to the Xboom range, the Xboom XL7 speaker offering 250 W of sound power through an acoustic package comprising an 21.6 cm woofer and two 6.35 cm tweeters.

LG Xboom XL7, Sound Boost mode for outdoors

Perfect for partying, both indoors and outdoors since the device is mounted on wheels, is equipped with a retractable handle, and displays an IPX4 index (resistant to water splashes). Of a respectable size, the speaker has a customizable Pixel LED display, for example, to display from the LG Xboom application short messages, geometric shapes or cute characters that move to the rhythm of the music. The Sound Boost mode is accessible directly on the speaker with a simple click and offers intense sound suitable for outdoor use. To report again, a customizable equalizer on the application always.

With 18 hours of battery life, the LG Xboom XL7 has DJ and Karaoke functions that are also available from the LG Xboom application: vocal effects and voice suppression to sing along to your favorite songs. Finally, note the microphone inputs (of course) but also guitar.